A good designer bag does wonders to your wardrobe and adds a great deal of class to all your outfits and accessories. Though designer bags are frightfully expensive as compared to other ordinary bags; They are classy all the way and they are every bit value for money that you invested in.

Bags come in different sizes, shapes. materials, colors. and models. You can find clutches, handbags,shoulder bags, tote bags, cross body bags and many such kinds. Each of the bags available isspecial in their own way and each has an identityandpurpose of their own. The only difference that makes designer bags different in every category is the overall quality, look and finishing of the bag.

Most designer bags are easily identifiable because each one is generally handcrafted to the minutedetail that makesit a treasured possession and an heirloom too. Something that is going to last you for a long time to come. Choose a handbag keeping the following points in mind-

  • Choose one that is a true classic and that can be immediately identified as a designer bag the moment you see it.
  • If you are partial to a couple of designers and you love their style, go back to them. It’s those designs that have been identified with your personality so why not indulge in them once again. Yes, if you want to experiment with some newer styles by the same or a different design that is also a great idea.
  • Never compromise on quality. Just go for the best as this a lifetime investment. Just make sure you don’t get saddled with fake bags when you buy them on unknown sites. That is why my go to site for designer bags is the best because I know for sure that will only give me genuine stuff.

When it comes to the top national economies in the world, the order can shift within a few years. However, the key countries are usually the same. Since 1871, the United States has remained as the largest economy but it slowly losing its rank to China.

Here are the top five largest economies in 2017.

United Kingdom

With $2.65 trillion GDP, the United Kingdom is the fifth-largest economy in the world. The UK economy is driven by large services that include agriculture and manufacturing. While agriculture is not necessary a major contributor, 60% of the food is produced domestically.

After the major referendum in 2016, voting citizens decided to leave the European Union, which has left the UK economic prospects uncertain for the future. However, the UK will operate under the EU regulation and agreements for the next two years after the formal announcement. This will give officials enough time to work out a new agreement.


As the largest economy in Europe, Germany is ranked at number 4 on this list. The German economy is highly acknowledged for its exports of vehicles, machinery, equipment, and chemicals.


Ranking at number three, Japan has continued to face hard times since 2008. The economic growth has positively increased. However, it will stay below 1% for the next few years.



Over the years, China has transformed its economy as the largest manufacturing and exporting country in the world. In terms of GDP, China’s economy has taken over the U.S. and is estimated to pass the United States within the new few years.

United States

The economy of the United States still remains as the largest in the globe with approximately 24.5% of the gross world product. The economic power is due to the highest terms of infrastructure and technology along with natural resources. However, the U.S. is slowly losing its spot to China as the number one economy in the world.
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With the major buzz happening all over the Dakota Access Pipeline, more protests are happening than ever before. As the conflict continues to grab national attention, so it the new wave of supporters and critics.

Here are five things you should know about the Dakota pipeline controversy.

What’s Really Happening In North Dakota

As the situation is getting worse, more protesters are staying at large camps in attempts to thwart the pipeline construction. Protestors claim that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe was not consulted properly about the project as the pipelines might destroy sacred sites and affect Lake Oahe.


It was said that the police has had to use physical methods to control the crowd as many on the front lines are fighting against the standoff. One protester has even fired a gun with charges of attempted murder.

Where is the Pipeline Exactly?

The pipeline route crosses North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, and Iowa – most of it being on private land. There are also federal areas that include the water crossings. In short, the route does not cross the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

However, the private land that makes up the pipeline corridor is part of the tribe’s ancestral homeland. This property was promised to the Sioux people in 1851 and was later taken for private use.

So, Was the Tribe Consulted Beforehand?

The federal government was supposed to consult the tribes on anything that may affect their land. However, there was no all-inclusive permit for most oil pipelines as there are several approvals for general permitting of water crossing.

After the scope was finalized, the Sioux tribe protested by not participated in any public process or consultation efforts.

What is Happening Within the Court?

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has sued the Army Corps over the permitting issue as another tribe; the Cheyenne River Sioux also joined the case. The Yankton Sioux Tribe filed another case to follow.

The tribes challenged the federal court decisions as the cases are still in review. However, there has been a decline to freeze the construction.

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As China’s power to control the global technology grows, it is becoming clear that China has many plans and running at full speed. Rumors say that China may be planning the development of a mood base and more. But that’s not all of it.

Here are five reasons why China will rule technology.

The Moon Base is China’s Big Ambition

During the 1950s, the United States talked about establishing an army base on the mood. While the idea was too far ahead of the time, China has made it clear that they plan to make a lunar base.

With the intent to launch the first space station module, the goal is to complete the space station by 2022.

China is Racing for Supercomputing

China is said to soon lead the world in supercomputing as it has recently accelerated the development and expects to create a prototype by this year. With the world’s faster supercomputer at 125 petaflops, China is well ahead of the U.S and might stay that way due to Trump’s proposed budget cuts.



China Plans to Exceed in R&D

With the investment in R&D, China is expected to rapidly surpass the U.S. in spending by the year 2020. While this doesn’t indicate that China is better at innovating, the growth is quite remarkable.

One of China’s innovations includes clean energy, as the country has invested over $100 billion in renewables.

China Attacks U.S. Semiconductor

Recent reports claim that China isn’t exactly playing fair in trade practices. The report claims the China government subsidizes production to help boost the industry and lower production cost.

Back in 2014, China mentioned that they would spend over $150 billion just to expand the share. As the moonshot projects call for more advancement, this may help China step up in the semiconductor agenda.

China’s Focus on Science

While the plans are not yet announced, China is seeing the science investment as a long-term prosperity. This means they believe that innovation is the main force of development.

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