5 Reasons Why China Will Rule Technology

As China’s power to control the global technology grows, it is becoming clear that China has many plans and running at full speed. Rumors say that China may be planning the development of a mood base and more. But that’s not all of it.

Here are five reasons why China will rule technology.

The Moon Base is China’s Big Ambition

During the 1950s, the United States talked about establishing an army base on the mood. While the idea was too far ahead of the time, China has made it clear that they plan to make a lunar base.

With the intent to launch the first space station module, the goal is to complete the space station by 2022.

China is Racing for Supercomputing

China is said to soon lead the world in supercomputing as it has recently accelerated the development and expects to create a prototype by this year. With the world’s faster supercomputer at 125 petaflops, China is well ahead of the U.S and might stay that way due to Trump’s proposed budget cuts.



China Plans to Exceed in R&D

With the investment in R&D, China is expected to rapidly surpass the U.S. in spending by the year 2020. While this doesn’t indicate that China is better at innovating, the growth is quite remarkable.

One of China’s innovations includes clean energy, as the country has invested over $100 billion in renewables.

China Attacks U.S. Semiconductor

Recent reports claim that China isn’t exactly playing fair in trade practices. The report claims the China government subsidizes production to help boost the industry and lower production cost.

Back in 2014, China mentioned that they would spend over $150 billion just to expand the share. As the moonshot projects call for more advancement, this may help China step up in the semiconductor agenda.

China’s Focus on Science

While the plans are not yet announced, China is seeing the science investment as a long-term prosperity. This means they believe that innovation is the main force of development.

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